Mystic staxx

If you are looking for a new online casino game that is not very common then Mystic Staxx might be a great site for you. The concept behind this website is based on “psychic powers” and “unlimited potential”. Each card has a unique color, which is determined by your psychic reading. There are 8 high paying symbols, each differing in size, color and decoration and 5 low paying classic Chinese Lucky Coins. It is important to note that there are no special skills or tactics needed to play this casino game.

Each game in the series comes complete with its own set of bonus icons. These icon stacks will give you even more reason to keep playing as you earn more coins. All games in this series come with a mini-tutorial that shows you how to play through each game and gives you valuable information regarding how to use each of the slots and symbols stacks.

I love this new site because the games are not so common, but they still offer some great prizes and bonuses. The free spins on every single symbol stack in all games make them all the more exciting. The ability to win free spins in every single game is great especially for people just starting out. I have enjoyed playing with the free spins and getting all the free spins that go along with playing games on a regular basis. My overall review of the site and games would have to be a positive one because it has offered me enjoyment and money on a number of occasions.

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