Reptizillions power reels

In the game Reptizillion Power Reels the player has a limited time to try on as many toys as possible within a limited time. Each toy has its own symbol displayed on its control panel. The objects you have to try to catch are called ‘monsters'. Each of them have different colored eyes, a head with large ears, a tail, and different colored hind legs. You can also change the color of the monster's eyes by using the right or left arrows on your keyboard.

There are also a couple of other features in this version of the Reptizillion Power Reels. Besides the limited number of tries you have there is also a horde feature where you must find all the monsters within a certain time period. If you fail to do so you will lose points and your leveling will be affected.

The free spinning reels are perfect for families with younger children. The kids will have fun trying to catch all the moving balls while the parents will have hours of enjoyment trying to catch them all. You can find Reptizillions Power Reels for a low price on eBay. Some users have reported that the horde feature can cause slow internet connections, but I have not experienced this problem. The features seem to be high standard though and should not affect your enjoyment of the game.

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