Wild hot chilli reels

Wild Hot Chilli Reels is a fun interpretation of a popular old hot slot, and it's not your first time Red Tiger has braved into this uncharted territory. After seven years, founder David Cates has finally breathed life back into the Wild West slots scene. After the economic downturn, there was a real lack of slots in most cities and they were left with the fate of shutting down or being converted into video poker machines. However, the Wild West is not a place where you would want to lay down a long straddle, so Cates decided to create a new game instead. After all, even the best laid plans go wrong, and when it comes to gambling nothing is a sure thing.

If you're going to make a Wild West themed casino game work you have to have some Wild West icons, which are just what Cates has gone for with Wild Hot Chilli Reels slot machine. This version has both the Wild West and the casino bonus features, which really add to the theme. The bonus features include four legendary slots (the “five-of-diamonds” slots) plus two special icons which will allow you to flip coins without taking up a spin. These special icons are the “rookie token”, “big jackpot” and the “bait” icons, plus you get special bonus points for each game you play. The volatility is the same as the original Wild West, but since the game is “real” this has an added element of reality to the game play.

When you win a jackpot or a premium, you can also buy bonus chips to add to your bankroll. If you want to win big, you may want to focus on playing the non-spinning reels to increase your bankroll. You can win five jackpots, or even more if you play the super spicy wilds spins, but with the bonus chips this won't be possible. The best way to increase your bankroll is by using the nudge pays, which are non-spinning spins that give you the same jackpot as spinning spins.

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